Biology major butler saw company

Benjamin Butler, a lawyer, politician, and general, was one of the most controversial men of the American Civil War. He worked as a lawyer in Massachusetts for about 15 years before the war, acquiring friends as well as enemies.

During the war he was the highest ranking general of volunteers and had influence in and out of the Army. He may have been the best loved as well as the most hated man in the Civil War. One of the friends he acquired was Clara Barton. His mother moved the family to Lowell, MA. Butler had an excellent memory and memorized many books as a child. His mother wanted him to be a minister, but upon graduation from Colby College inButler apprenticed himself to a lawyer.

He saw law as a more suitable career. He very quickly developed a successful practice, primarily as a defense attorney for working-class people. In doing so, he developed an adversarial relationship with the majority of mill owners and the wealthy of Massachusetts. He also had a contentious relationship with the local press that would continue throughout his life. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. Butler soon developed an interest in politics and was active in local and state politics.

His primary military role was in peacekeeping and riot control. When the first regiments of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry were organized without a designated Brigadier, Butler contacted U.

Meanwhile, Butler pressed his own case with Governor Andrew. The Pratt Street Riot in Baltimore had occurred just before he arrived, and therefore the railroads to Washington were closed.

Butler took control of the Baltimore to Annapolis ferry and went to Annapolis, MD, where he placed the city under martial law and tried to reinstitute rail traffic to Washington.

Because of continued unrest in Baltimore, and the delay of the central authorities, he returned to Baltimore and also placed that city under martial law—a controversial move. Butler was promoted to Major General of Volunteers, thus becoming the highest-ranking officer of volunteers.During the 3-D revival of the s, the film was re-released under the title Tickled Pinkbut the release did keep the Swedish Butler credit sequence intact. The film was shot in Stereoscopic 3-D at studios in Stockholm with exteriors in Denmark.

In Victorian Londona young aristocrat, Jack Armstrong, is desperate to win the love of his beloved, the greedy Lady Alice Faversham. It was one of a number of sex comedies starring Diana Dors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Champagnegalopp. Release date. Running time. Entertainment Film Distributors. British Board of Film Classification.

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To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The first time she visited the lake she was a college student at Utah State University.

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Bonnie Baxter saw the lake with fresh eyes when she moved to Utah 23 years ago to teach biology at Westminster College. The book includes chapters and illustrations by Westminster College professors and students who are now alumni. Butler has worked on and studied the lake in several different capacities sincefirst working for Utah State University studying eared grebes, which are small waterbirds.

Eared grebes come to the lake in the late summer to feed on brine shrimp. They come to Utah because of the food source but also because saline lakes and other habitats are disappearing, she said.

Now she and Baxter have collaborated on a book they hope that academics, students and researcher will use to better understand the complexity of the resource and the implications of drought, water diversion and climate change. We should be talking about that with our legislators.

According to Utah Geological Surveythe lake has a maximum depth of 33 feet. Baxter and Butler were paid to produce it but receive no royalties when copies are sold. It is a forward-looking resource for students and scholars, Butler said, but it is also a call to action for Utahns and policymakers. Start your day with the top stories you missed while you were sleeping. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

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Share this story Twitter Facebook.See why Ross and Irvington residents believe there is a sense of discordance between the students making up each residence hall.

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Collegian file photos. InButler saw two major housing events take place. Irvington, with the latest amenities, updated rooms and larger community spaces, provides a stark contrast to the dated Ross Hall.

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As Irvington has now been in use for two years, the discord surrounding the two dorms has led to an interesting dissonance between students residing there. One of the most noticeable differences is in the communities built within each dorm. Some students are quick to adapt to this way of life, while others feel that it has no real impact on their Butler experience.

Riley Keller, a first-year music performance major, is a resident of Ross who has not experienced the hype surrounding the phrase. Devon Cummings, a first-year music education and vocal performance double major, is another Ross resident.

biology major butler saw company

Unlike Keller, Cummings said that he felt a close connection to other students at Butler due to his residence hall — particularly the upperclassmen. It allows us to have something in common as students — living in Ross helps us find common ground.

But the assumptions are not just one-sided. Over the past two years, many students have generated just as many opinions about Irvington residents as they have Ross. Of course, there is a hefty price difference between the two dorms. Zach Doering, a first-year environmental studies major, is an Irvington resident who acknowledges the grandeur of his dorm and its impact on campus perceptions.

But while there may be tension, Doering does not believe the differences are fostering hatred or ruining student relationships. Aside from the obvious differences in price and quality, Irvington has also been criticized by students for being unable to replicate the alleged fellowship of Ross.

With Irvington came the accessibility to large, private study spaces, better communal areas for socialization and a generally nicer environment for students to live in. AJ Bowman, a first-year music education major and fellow Irvington resident, believes that these innumerable amenities result in students leaving their rooms less — something that can hurt the community feeling that dorms should strive for.

In fact, Bowman believes that the frequency of these jokes can depend on the dorm that the student resides in. Ultimately, Bowman, Doering, Cummings and Keller believe that the community disconnect between Ross and other residence halls is an internal issue Butler needs to address.

Iraq: What the Butler Saw.

Students believe that if Butler is to resolve the incongruous nature of dorm life on its campus, changes must be implemented so all feel as if their living environment is healthy and the playing field on which they reside with their peers is level.

Instead of building new residence halls and using the old ones for overflow, the university should fix up the older dorms so that they are more accessible. Interesting how the issue of economic inequality — albeit on a somewhat attenuated scale — comes up even within the realm of university dormitory life these days.

Sure, our campus Western Michigan University had groups of newer and older dorms with some differences in amenities, but perhaps because the two sets of dorms were not located very close to each other physically, each set of dorm residents tended to be more insular and not particularly concerned with what was going on elsewhere on campus.Fort Rensselaer 2 d Nov r Having returned from pursuing the enemy, My first business shall be to acquaint your Lordship of with the several transactions, that have taken place in this Quarter from the time of the enemies first making their appearance At 8 oClock P.

These soon regained every thing that the right wing had lost and Considerable more Night came on and the enemy retired into the wood [ ] leaving a large number of their packs behind them and Marched that Night Six miles, they encamped upon the top of a Mountain. By Information from prisoners who made their escape from them in the night it appeared to be their intention to strike at the frontiers of Stony Arabia -- to try to furnish themselves with Provisions.

The Politics of Sexual Difference: Slavoj Žižek, Mladen Dolar, and Alenka Zupančič

As they were gone so far as to make it clear they could not make a Sudden Stroke at the frontiers below the little falls On the morning of the 27 I marched up to the German flatts in order to be between the enemy and their boats which were left at Oneida Creek On my way to that place I learnt that a party which had been detached to destroy the enemies boats had returned without doing their duty. The troops Intended to pursue them to the number [--] besides Indians Crossed the Mohawk from Fort Herkemer, and Encamed in the woods.

Your Lordship knows they are the best Calvary for service of the the Wilderness. Strange as it may appear Yet it is true that Not withstanding the Enemy had been 4 days in the Wilderness with only half pound of horse flesh for each man per day In this famished Situation Major Ross with such of his men as could keep way with them troted more then thirty miles before he Stoped -- Many to his sins fell Sacrifice to such treatment Their Packs and Blankets were Strewed about the woods and all their horses except five which had been sent a considerable disstance in front ahead with some of their Wounded and a few prisoners fell into our hands In this Condition I left the Unfortunate Major I call him Unfortunate for he was surly unfortunate in having charge of so fine a detachment of troops to execute such a Dirty trifling piece of business as he was sent upon at such Immense hasard and exquisite toil -- To fatigue the brave troops who were with me any ferther appeared unnecessery.

The enemy who continued their flight great part of the Night had got Considerably before us And almost certain destruction appeared to be in their front before them. They were at least Seven days March through a Berren Wilderness In an Inclement season of the year and rivers not to be passed without Boats or Rafts in their way before they could [-- --] be furnished with provisions. This being their Situation It was [--] thought Impossible to pursue besides our situation had we followed them a day or two longer would have been little better then their's for Our Indians as well as many of the troops In order to pursue them with greater vim had Laid aside their Blankets and provisions, which were now [ ] more than twenty miles in our rear This being their Situation it was thought Improper to pursue any longer further to a punishment perhaps more more equate to their demerit then a musquet Ball a tomahawk or captivity.

We left them It would be Wrong for me to close this letter without assuring your Lordship that the troops in General who upon this Service Supported the great fatigues they had to encounter with a Soldierly fortitude, To Andrew Frink Esquire formerly a Captain in Co ll Van Scacks reg t But at present a Magistrate in this County who performed the service of ma Brigade Major I am under great obligation for his particular Attention great diligence and Manly deportment through the whole of this affair I shall Collect all the returns proper to transmit to your Lordship and forward them as soon they are collected.

A young militiaman [Jacob Tanner], stated: 2. Willett selected out forty white men of which this deponent was one besides several Indians to pursue the Indians and tories under Walter Butler That on the second night the Oneida Indians discovered the trail of butler's Band, and in the morning they Struck on in pursuit They came up with them Killed Some and took some prisoners That Butler swam waded his horse across across the West Canada Creek and immediately dismounted and attempted to Skulk off through the trees.

That he cried out to his pursuers to "Shoot and be damned" which he had no sooner done than he was struck by a Ball from one Louis An Oneida The Indian and tomahawked and scalped him.

Butler @ 100

Another interesting anecdote of the events occurring [edited spelling] during the pursuit of Ross' men, is that of Richard Casler: 4. Willet followed the enemy for a considerable distance. The identity of the person responsible for the demise of Captain Butler is universally given as Louey Nic: 5 or as.

From the skirmish at West Canada Creek, Lieutenant Colonel Willett continued his relentless pursuit of the enemy, chasing them as far as Mayfield. While at Mayfield, the dark side of Mr. Willett seems to have presented itself: 8.

biology major butler saw company

He assisted in taking a British soldier prisoner, who was by order of Colonel Willett given up to the Oneidas, who tomahawked him in revenge for the loss of one of their number, that had been stabbed by some one of the enemy, and as this prisoner was found with a bloody knife in his hand, he was suspected to have been the murderer.

John Monk, who was among those engaged in the pursuit of Major Ross and Captain Butler, states that after their victories at Johnstown and West Canada Creek, the militiamen of his unit returned to Fort Plank, from which they were discharged. On November 3, Mr. Willett filed his report with Governor Clinton's Office: Dear Sir, I am just returned from a most fatiguing pursuit of the Enemy, and tho it has not been in my power to take or kill the whole of the Detachment that lately made their Appearance in this Quarter, yet I flatter myself they are very little better off As those that are not among the killed and taken, are in a famishing situation scattered throughout the Wilderness on the rout to Buck Island where any of them that may arrive will have tales of Horror only to Relate.

Hometown heroes: Smedley Butler (part 1)

After the Affair at Johnstown, which happened on the 25th ultimo, and which would at once have proved fatal to them had the Right Wing of the small number of Troops I had engaged, behaved half as well as the left, the enemy took to the wilderness and finding it out of their Power to pass us so as to get to the Oneida creek where they had left their Boats, they Directed their Rout towards Buck Island keeping far back in the Wilderness; This Determined me to cut across from the German Flatts in order to Intercept them on that Rout.

Accordingly on the evening of the 28th, having furnished near men and sixty Indians who had just joined me with four days and a half Provisions, which was all I could procure, I Crossed the Mohawk from Fort Herkimer and Incamped in the Woods.The two friends believed the product had great market potential.

Fortunately, both Butler and Norquist had the courage to take economic risks in order to pursue their goal. InEmanuel Norquist had a need to shelter the Metz automobile he was about to finish assembling. His brother, Victor, set out to construct a small garage. Using the materials he knew best, he designed and constructed an all-steel framework to which were bolted corrugated galvanized steel culvert sheets, which gave the garage an arched roof and lasting strength.

Butler Manufacturing Company noticed that there was growing demand from the public for sturdy garages. The design was modified to be more cost effective, and by the first Butler building was sold. That first building stood in use in central Kansas City for more than 45 years. When Butler introduced a sturdy two-car version of the garage the market response was immediate, and Butler Manufacturing Company was in the building business for keeps.

This combination worked excellently for grain bins, and would prove itself again in pre-engineered metal buildings. Products and services are provided within the commercial, community, industrial, and agricultural markets. Butler currently operates manufacturing, engineering, and service centers throughout the world. The Architectural Products segment includes the businesses of the Vistawall r Group.

These businesses design, manufacture, and market architectural aluminum storefront and engineered curtainwall systems; Naturalite skylights; Skywall translucent roof and wall systems; and Modu-Line window systems. The MR rspecifically designed to accommodate roof movement, is the most specified metal roof on the market and comes with a year warranty.

We design buildings with interesting geometry, overhangs, dormers, different framing options, tapered columns, straight columns, a variety of bay sizes and eave heights, single slope, double slope — just about anything the customer can imagine for their structure. The Construction Services group provides comprehensive design, planning, and construction services for major purchasers of construction. Projects are executed primarily in conjunction with Butler Builders located in the markets where the facilities are constructed.

The Real Estate segment provides build-to-suit-to-lease development services for major corporations who prefer to lease, rather than own their facilities.

Butler Real Estate capitalizes on the extensive construction capabilities of the Butler Builder r dealer network for project execution. Completed facilities are sold to permanent investors. Acquire and Grow Never a company to rest upon past success, Butler forged ahead in the s with several acquisitions. These transactions aimed to exploit new markets and increase market share in existing businesses.

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Today, the Vistawall group provides customers worldwide with a broad line of engineered aluminum framed curtain wall, windows, storefronts, entrances and skylights. During the s there was a significant worldwide expansion by multinational manufacturing companies. Butler Builders has constructed hundreds of these manufacturing plants and distribution centers throughout the world.

As Butler approached its th anniversary, the company remained faithful to its history. Through it all the company has learned that it does best when it focuses on its core strength, providing distinctive products and services to the non-residential construction market — products that provide genuine value to the dealers who represent Butler and to the building owners who rely upon Butler. April marked a new chapter for the company Butler Manufacturing merged with BlueScope Steel, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Bluescope is the largest steel producer in Australia and New Zealand. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy.

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Password recovery.The deceased Smedley Darlington Butler July 30, — June 21, touts more than an impressive name. The West Chester native rose from a teenager who defied his pacifist family to become a United States Marine Corps Major General, the highest rank bestowed at the time of his award in During his year career as a Marine, he collected a total of 16 medals, five of which were for heroism, making him the most decorated Marine in U.

Butler is one of 19 to receive the Medal of Honor twice, one of three to be awarded the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and the Medal of Honor and the only Marine to receive two Medals of Honor, all for separate military actions. In addition to boasting a sizable collection of medals, Butler dedicated his later years to writing and activism, distinguishing himself as a critic of war profiteering and imperialism. Like so many of us, Smedley lied on his resume.

Realizing that he could not obtain a direct commission as a Marine second lieutenant at the ripe age of 17, he claimed to be older and successfully received a promotion.

It was not until another promotion to first lieutenant that Butler saw combat action. While he originally enlisted in the fervor of the Spanish-American War, he got his feet wet a year later fighting in the Philippine-American War. In OctoberButler successfully led Marines in an effort to take the town of Novelta from Filipino rebels. Despite his first sergeant being wounded, Butler maintained composure and dispersed the enemy, taking the town and running out rebels before midday.

For Smedley, sacrifice was nothing extraordinary.

biology major butler saw company

In the midst of battle, Butler watched a fellow Marine officer fall. After witnessing his comrade collapse, he climbed from the safety of a trench to rescue him. In his rescue attempt, he himself was shot in the thigh. His injury did not deter him from assisting the wounded, however, and Butler, with the help of another marine, escorted the injured officer to the rear. For the next five years, Smedley fought in the Banana Wars in the Caribbean and countered revolts in Honduras.

A marriage, garrison duty in the Philippines and the management of a coal mine kept him occupied untilat which point he returned to active duty to enforce U. He led a battalion to the relief of the rebel-run city Granada with a degree fever, displaying the fortitude of his Butler blood and making me ashamed of skipping class because of a head cold. It was not until his time in Mexico, however, when he received his first Medal of Honor.

In the fighting that ensued in the city of Veracruz, Butler was part of a landing force designated to secure the city. Nine Medals of Honor were presented to Marines that participated in maintaining Veracruz. During World War I, Butler attempted to give his medal back, explaining that he had done nothing to earn it. For Smedley Darlington Butler, second really is the best. Roosevelt, after his time in Haiti.

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